Donate Funds or Goods to B.E.A.T.

We are 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt charitable organization: many donations, monetary or in kind are tax deductable.

Sponsor a riding student! Challenged individuals more often than not, do not have funds for riding lessons. Money becomes the biggest obstacle in their quest to become the best they can be.

To sponsor a rider or to make a donation, please print out the form below and send a check made payable to BEAT Riding Center. If you have more questions, feel free to call (503) 324-3071 or contact us for more information.

Send donation to: BEAT Riding Center, Inc.
41919 NW Wilkesboro Rd
Banks, OR 97106

Money Authorized To Help (MATH)

Announcing the MATH Campaign
Join the monthly MATH team to support our special horses and riders.
You do the MATH! If we can get 1000 people to commit to donating to our program $10 per month, we could support our horses and scholarship some of our special riders who need assistance.

A small amount of money (only about $2.31 per week) by many people can move mountains!

Our mountains are:

  • The high cost of keeping the horses
  • More people in need of assistance
  • Advertising costs

Subscribe to the MATH reoccurring donation campaign today!