One of the activities in horse camp is riding in the sensory trail which contains obstacles ranging from easy to challenging. The big bridge is the highest challenge, but walking the plank is no picnic either. 🙂 The suspension bridge can be a bit scary for both horse and rider. If the rider is not up to it, the regular bridge and a walk through the sand might be a better choice. The teeter totter bridge is fun to master. If the rider gets good, they can make the bridge go up and down by having the horse go back and forth.

The sensory trail is about learning how to steer, stop, and have fun on a horse. One of the fun activities both on the ground and on top of the horse is working with horses on the sensory trail or obstacle course. This challenges a rider’s steering skills to the max. To cross a bridge requires the rider to sit straight and look straight ahead to the other side of the bridge. The picture below features our little hill. The horse is guided up the stair steps. It’s harder than it looks. Pictured below is an obstacle full of noodles, not the kind you eat! 🙂 The objective of this obstacle is for the rider to guide the horse through the noodles from which ever direction the instructor tells them. Another obstacle, riding over logs, like a real trail ride, the rider chooses the best way to step over the logs.